December 09, 2021

Hashtags and the power of capture

Hashtags and the power of capture

Hashtags are now standard on social networks, especially on Instagram and Twitter. But many questions arise about using them and what they are for.

Hashtags are a form of hyperlinks and content targeting. Through them, people can find specific posts on certain subjects. For example, if you type #marketing in the Instagram search bar, the tool will show you the top positions on the topic. These are the first functions of hashtags: facilitating the search and content organization within the social network.

But anyway, how to use hashtags?

Well, many people could use them better, according to some experts in Digital Marketing. Huge words escape the post content, or even hashtags banned by social media (Yes! Instagram has a list of banned hashtags!). So here we give tips that can help you when choosing which ones to use:

- Avoid using phrases in hashtag format. Many people only search for small words, such as #marketing; #content marketing; #agencydemarketing, among others.

- Always use hashtags that relate to your content! In addition to making it easier for people to find your post, this can prevent you from bringing people who aren't looking for it. This way, your posts are directed assertively to those who want to consume them.

- Do research first! It is essential to create a hashtag with your brand name, but it is also worth using those that already have content. Usually, people usually search for themes, thus, your post can be found easily!

Did you see it? These tips may help you a lot when using the right hashtags for your post, bringing the right audience, and improving the engagement of your pages. So stay tuned!

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